Women’s Suffrage Online Exhibit Now Available on New York Heritage

The Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State online exhibit charts the development and evolution of the Women's Suffrage movement in New York State. Early suffragists drew inspiration from native cultures and learned activism from other movements. As their...

Great Turnout for this Year’s Student Worker Awards!

The Northern New York Library Network offers its members the opportunity to recognize one student worker at their library each spring semester. This year, the Network awarded seven deserving students, an all-time high for the award. Each student receives a...

Member Profile: CCCD Kits from St. Lawrence – Lewis BOCES Learning Resources Center by Ginger Tebo

St. Lawrence - Lewis BOCES Learning Resources Center is proud to offer its patrons a wide variety of Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development kits, or CCCD kits. The kits cover a variety of topics that are of interest to students and teachers, and...

A Christmas Rhyme

“A Christmas Worry,” written by J.E.G. in Lowville’s 1939 The Journal and Republican, touches on a few Christmas topics most can relate to. It’s a fun read that is very true even today and probably will be for many years to come.

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DueNorth 1.5 Live

DueNorth v. 1.5 is now live and includes these exciting updates: For Library Staff: 'Request History' renamed 'Borrower History' Improved 'Request History' - Allows filtering by fill status, ILL number, and Destination Library along with a more attractive...

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Fall Meeting & Grant Awardees

The NNYLN Fall Meeting this past Friday at St. Lawrence University was very informative. Network grant awardees presented on a wide range of projects and experiences. Their presentations will be archived on the website and linked to the post here: Fall Meeting...

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Titanic Treasures

The Titanic wreck was found seventy-three years after it sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic floor. The Journal on October 29th, 1987 discusses the treasures discovered on the sunken ship.

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