Continuing Education Assist

Staff training can be challenging. Factors such as cost, distance, and schedules combine to make it difficult for libraries to provide timely, relevant, onsite training for employees. CE Assist, available through the Network, helps members meet their need for customized staff training.

Through CE Assist, member libraries apply to receive financial assistance to provide onsite staff training or consultation for their library employees. The goal is to make it possible for member libraries to provide training and/or consultation in a way that enables them to choose the best possible date and the most appropriate trainer to address their organization’s unique continuing education and training needs.


Funds are available only to Northern New York Library Network members for staff training and professional education arranged and hosted by the member library.

Funds from NNYLN could cover:

  • Speaker’s fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Training books or materials

Funds from NNYLN will not cover:

  • Food, catering
  • Clerical and other staff support from the hosting library
  • Overhead

Libraries may receive 50 percent of the costs of an event or $1,200, whichever is less.


Funds are available only to Northern New York Library Network members

Any announcements and handouts must prominently state that the Northern New York Library Network is a co-sponsor.

Reimbursement will be issued to the host library by sending paid receipts or invoices.

The event or consultation must be a one time, single occurrence; a member institution may not request assistance from this program more than once every two years; this program may not be used to replace funds for previously existing CE activities, conferences or training programs.


The member should submit a proposal/letter by email containing all the information about the training and intended audience (including whether the training is open to other members of the Network). Please provide a full description of the training, itemizing how the requested funds will be spent. Requests for trainer’s expenses should include a biography and credentials.

Proposals should be emailed to Meg Backus.