In Action view of the Digitization Service Center


The purpose of the NNYLN Digitization Service Center (NNYLN DSC) is to help libraries, archives, historical societies, museums, schools, and other educational and cultural organizations to develop online access to their collections and research resources. It is intended that material digitized in the NNYLN DSC will be placed on the Internet for public research.


Representatives of libraries, archives, historical societies, museums, schools, and other educational and cultural organizations are eligible to use the NNYLN DSC at no charge.

Eligible materials include:

  • Material that reflects regional history and culture.

  • Curricular or classroom material.

  • Materials not falling within these criteria will be assessed on an individual basis.

  • Materials digitized at the NNYLN DSC may be placed on the statewide digital history site New York Heritage at the discretion of the NNYLN and the contributing organization.

Requests and Scheduling

  • All requests for persons or groups to utilize the NNYLN DCS should be made through the form below or by calling (315) 265-1119.

  • The NNYLN Digitization Service Center is available from from 9 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

Confirmation Policy – The Network will mail a confirmation notice about this request within 48 business hours of receipt of this form.

Cancellation Policy – It is requested that you cancel any appointments 24 hours before the scheduled start time or earlier. Cancellation can be done via email or by calling the Network at 315-265-1119.



Currently, the NNYLN DSC contains the following equipment:

Flatbed scanner – Epson Expression 10000XL, 12.2” x 17.2” scan area

  • These scanners are appropriate for postcards, scrapbook pages, pictures, books, loose items, photograph negatives, and other similar materials.

Map scanner – Contex HD4250, 42” Wide Format scanner

  • This scanner is appropriate for maps, blueprints, newspapers, posters, and other large single items that cannot fit on the EPSON Expression 10000XL scanners.

Contactless scanner – Fujutsu SV600, 17″ by 12″ scan area

  • This scanner is appropriate for fragile documents, books, and other items that could be damaged or are not scannable by a flatbed style scanner.

Microfilm scanner

  • This scanner is able to scan microfilm rolls of 16mm and 35mm width, and microfiche of A6 (105mm by 148mm) size.

The scanning stations are equipped with laptop computers running Windows 10.

Persons or groups that utilize the NNYLN DSC are welcome to make and keep copies of materials they scan; should they wish to make copies, the following devices are recommended:

  • USB Flash Drive

  • USB External Hard Drive

  • Burnable DVD

Available Assistance

The NNYLN will provide training and assistance in the use of the equipment and the development of supporting documentation such as metadata.  It will also assist in placing digitized materials on the Internet.

General Usage

The scanning stations and workspaces in the room cannot be moved or rearranged. The center worktable can be moved if needed, it is also height adjustable.

Additional small tables and chairs can be provided as needed.  Unusual space requirements should be noted at the time of reservation.

Food may not be taken into the NNYLN DSC.  Liquids in spill-proof containers are permitted.

Free Wifi is available in the NNYLN DSC.

Storage of Collections and Items

The NNYLN has a limited amount of space to store items and collections of representatives utilizing the NNYLN DSC. The safety and security of any items stored on NNYLN property cannot be guaranteed.