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The Network has over 60 full and associate members representing many different types of organizations.

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Membership Information

Full Voting Membership in the Network shall be open to any library in Northern New York which falls into one of the following categories:

a) Any chartered institution of higher education which fulfills the applicable qualifications currently promulgated, at the time of its application, by the New York State Education Department under the Commissioner’s Regulations for Reference and Research Library Resources Systems, or which meets the qualifications which in the future the New York State Education Department may issue in place of those.
b) Any public library system or school library system within the Network’s region, approved by the New York State Education Department.
c) Public library system members which are central or co-central libraries or public libraries which, including all holdings in branches, have major collections of adult nonfiction volumes.
d) Any library of a nonprofit organization or any special, technical, hospital, health, or research library which can demonstrate that it will improve the library resources presently available to the research community in the Network area and bring improved reference and research services to its user clientele.

Associate memberships shall be non-voting memberships and are open to individuals or institutions otherwise ineligible for full voting memberships.

When admitted to membership, each full voting member shall designate an individual as its representative to cast its vote. Only full voting members shall be entitled to vote, and each such member shall have only one vote.

Each full voting member shall be entitled to share in all the benefits of membership and shall be expected to cooperate in meeting the goals of the Network.