NNYLN Award for Excellence in Library Service

The NNYLN Award for Excellence in Library Service was established in 1991.

Any staff member of any library in the Network’s service area is eligible to receive this prestigious award, which is given at the Network’s Annual Meeting.

The intent of the NNYLN Award for Excellence in Library Service is to recognize outstanding contributions in the following areas:

  • Open access to information for all.
  • The encouragement of reading and creation of inducements for the greater use of library materials.
  • The enhancement and expansion of library service to the community.
  • The strengthening of the library’s role and position in the community, whether that community is a city or town, school, college or university, or a company, corporation, or institution.
  • Promotion of interlibrary cooperation and sharing.

Recipients of the NNYLN Award for Excellence in Library Service

1991 – 1st award: Stanley Ransom, Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System
1992 – 2nd award: Mary Bennett, Penfield Library at SUNY Oswego
1993 – 3rd award: Thomas Blauvelt, NC3Rs
1994 – 4th award: Nellie Mae Schauer, Indian River Central School
1995 – 5th award: Steven Bolton, North Country Library System
1996 – 6th award: Sara Kelly Johns, Beekmantown High School
1997 – 7th award: Jeff Garvey, Samaritan Medical Center
1998 – 8th award: Tom Lawrence, Ogdensburg Correctional Facility
1999 – 9th award: Janice Allen, Paine Memorial Library
2000 – 10th award: Erma Hover, North Country Library System
2001 – 11th award: Patricia Musante, Potsdam Public Library
2002 – 12th award: Carol White, Akwesasne Cultural Center
2003 – 13th award: Mary Alice O’Mara, Oswego Hospital
2004 – 14th award: Ellen Darabaner, Samaritan Medical Center
2005 – 15th award: Regan DeFranza, North Country Library System
2006 – 16th award: Lyn Swafford, Canton Free Library
2007 – 17th award: Jane Subramanian, SUNY Potsdam Archives and Special Collections
2008 – 18th award: Charlotte Garofalo, Gouverneur Reading Room Association
2009 – 19th award: Donna Hanus, Franklin-Essex-Hamilton School Library System
2010 – 20th award: Marc Boyer, Ogdensburg Public Library
2011 – 21st award: Yvonne Reff, Flower Memorial Library
2012 – 22nd award: Christina Ransom, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital
2013 – 23rd award: Dennis Eickhoff, Colton Hepburn Library
2014 – 24th award: Karen Glass, Keene Valley Library Association
2015 – 25th award: Janet Moore, Potsdam Public Library
2016 – 26th award: Chris Hebblethwaite – Penfield Library at SUNY Oswego
2017 – 27th award: Julie Wever – Clinton Essex Franklin Library System
2018 – 28th award: Elizabeth Rogers – Keene Valley Library Archives

2016 Recipient Chris Hebblethwaite
2016 Recipient Chris Hebblethwaite
2016 Recipient Chris Hebblethwaite
2015 Recipient Janet Moore