Professional Development Grants

Professional Development Program Guidelines

(Updated 2019)

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of the Continuing Education Committee of the Northern New York Library Network’s Professional Development Program is to provide assistance to the staff of member libraries in their professional development. Financial aid from this program enables staff to attend conferences, seminars, workshops and other educational activities which are not available locally and for which funds might not otherwise be available. Eligible activities do not need to be sponsored by a library or library organization.
  2. Conditions
    As a condition of the grant, recipients agree to share the expertise or knowledge gained with the North Country library community.
  3. Eligibility
    The program is available to all staff of NNY Library Network’s member organizations. Eligible events include conferences, seminars, workshops, graduate coursework in library and information science, undergraduate coursework in a work-related field, and other opportunities. Effective January 1, 2014, candidates are eligible to apply for a Professional Development Grant no sooner than every-other fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  4. Application Schedule
    Applications for funds are accepted at any time. They will be reviewed and awards will be made on a monthly basis. Applications should be received at NNYLN by the first working day of each month. Applications must be submitted electronically, using the format of the application as it appears on the NNYLN website. The program announcement, flyer, or course description URL is to be included if available.
    Applications must be received in time to be reviewed and a decision made before the event takes place. Awards will not be made retroactively.
  5. Award Funds
    The Northern New York Library Network will annually budget an amount for Professional Development grants. Effective July 1, 2019, the maximum award is $1200. Funds will be paid on a reimbursement basis. Receipts for tuition and travel must be submitted for reimbursement. Eligible expenses include registration, tuition, lodging, mileage and/or commercial transportation, and meals. Meals will be paid on a per diem basis; receipts must be submitted for all other expenses.
  6. Criteria
    1. The hierarchy for awards are:
      1. Top Priority: Job-related conference, seminars, workshops not readily available in the North Country (with an emphasis on first-time attendance and library school coursework).
      2. Second Priority: Job-related, graduate or undergraduate coursework.
      3. Lowest Priority: Multiple applications from the same member to the same conference.
    2. Other factors in awarding stipends shall be (in order of importance):
      1. Unique or special offering not readily available in the North Country.
      2. Relevance to current or future responsibilities.
      3. Availability of partially matching funds from a staff member or employer.
  7. Information Sharing
    As part of the application, applicants must outline in detail the method they propose to use to share expertise or knowledge acquired at a sponsored event. Award recipients will be required to present their experience (poster session, presentation, panel discussion, etc.) at the Network’s Annual or Fall Meeting. Recipients are required to submit a written summary of their impressions and experiences with regard to the activity funded by Professional Development Grant funds. This submittal should accompany the request for reimbursement.

Application for the Professional Development Program

When training and travel has been completed as agreed, submit this reimbursement form according to the instructions therein.