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State Budget Completed - The NYS Budget process is now complete: all three players (Governor, Senate, Assembly) have completed negotiations and finalized a $138 billion budget that increases state aid to education by $1.1 billion(5.3%).

State aid to libraries is also part of the Education Budget. State aid to libraries was increased by $1 million (1.2%) over this year's appropriation. This additional money will be distributed across a wide variety of state-aided library programs, including CCDA, library systems, conservation/preservation, medical information and hospital library programs, and individual public libraries. Since the amount of increase is modest, most increases will be negligible; however, the legislature did resist Governor Cuomo's call to slash library aid by almost 5%.

The budget also appropriated $14 million for public library construction. Now that the budget process is complete, advocates will focus on other library issues during the remainder of the session, including encouraging digital literacy in our schools, tax-payer access to publicly funded research, and expanded access to school librarians.

The NY 3Rs Association, along with various other library advocacy organizations, will be conducting some post-session assessments to determine how this year's advocacy initiatives were received by decision-makers.


e-Points North - Award for Excellence Nominations - The Northern New York Library Network will present its 24th Annual Award for Excellence in Library Service at the 2014 Annual Meeting on May 22 at the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid. The Network would like to encourage everyone to give a little thought to nominating a person for this award. Consider recommending a co-worker or director who consistently does an excellent job and deserves recognition. (Full details


The Malone Palladium - April 19, 1888 - "M.E. Howard has just received a very large stock of new goods, consisting in part of silks, rhadames, plushes, henriettas, plaids, stripes and suitings, also trimmings to match. In fact, he has one of the largest stocks of new goods for spring and summer ever shown."

(Find this and more interesting articles on the New York State Historical Newspapers website.

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