Titanic Treasures

The Titanic wreck was found seventy-three years after it sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic floor. The Journal on October 29th, 1987 discusses the treasures discovered on the sunken ship.

Berlin Wall 1961

In August of 1961 the east German government closed the border between the east and west sectors of Berlin by building the infamous Berlin Wall. It became the symbol of the Cold War. The Plattsburgh-Press Republican discusses the propagandic value the wall held.

DueNorth Implementation Dates

DueNorth is replacing ICICILL/ICEPAC over the next few weeks. Please see below for important dates regarding implementation: July 25, 2017:  School Library Systems cease all ICICILL use. August 1, 2017:  Power Users DueNorth Training Session, 10 am- 2 pm....

PointsNorth Newsletter

Grant Opportunity – Spectrum Digital Education Grants

Is Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner) available in your community? Are you a 501(c)(3) organization? If yes, the  Spectrum Digital Education Grant (https://responsibility.spectrum.com/digitaledgrant/) may be for you! The program “supports nonprofit organizations that educate community members on the benefits of broadband and how to use the Internet to make their lives better.”  FAQs and criteria for applications are provided on the website.  Grants will range from $2,500 to $50,000. Deadline to apply:  August 11, 2017.

Erie Canal Exhibits

Host a Small Exhibit at Your Library

The library councils are working on an exhibit to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the ground-breaking on the Erie Canal. It includes an online exhibit (featuring NY Heritage images) as well as a physical exhibit that will travel to different libraries. The physical exhibit will include 4 stand-up banners/posters and a freestanding kiosk holding an Android tablet (locked for security) allowing people to browse the online exhibit too. One exhibit is available for each library council’s region, each traveling throughout the region during the year. The schedule will rotate monthly, where the physical exhibit would change hands around the beginning of each month, moving to a different library.

Please contact the Network if you are interested in scheduling for your library: christi@nnyln.org or (315) 265-1119 ext 4.


Here the Erie Canal Crosses the Mohawk River (via NY Heritage)

Summer Drink Recipes from 1959!

Cool down this summer with a few drink recipes from the 1959 Cazenovia Republican. Any one of these would make a great refreshment for your 4th of July celebrations! To view the whole page on NYS Historic Newspapers, click here.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican Via Newsbank Database

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican is now accessible via our Newsbank subscription which also features the Watertown Daily Times. You can even create email alerts for both news sources! Newsbank is dedicated to providing easy access to the world’s largest repository of reliable information including diverse source types such as printed and online newspapers, blogs, journals, newswires, broadcast transcripts and videos. Access it on our website here.


Image via Pexels.com