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March 8, 2024

11am est


Loida Garcia Febo on the Freedom to Read

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This presentation will address real library anxieties of book banning. We will learn from national and international examples from libraries that effectively managed the uncertainty of self and imposed censorship with practical policies. Library workers attending will leave with renewed support and skills to ensure free access to information and freedom of expression of our patrons.

The Freedom to Read in 2024

  1. The importance of intellectual freedom and the fight for equality of access to information 
  2. A bird’s eye view of intellectual freedom and censorship today.
  3.  Practical Matters: Self-censorship, Funding, Policies, Workplace dynamics
  4.  Q & A

In this session you’ll learn more about how the challenge climate has changed, and how to navigate this new environment which includes mass challenges, First Amendment audits, and concerted efforts to denigrate the profession and defund libraries.