June 5, 2023 10am eastern standard time

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ESLN’s “Ask the Lawyer” service, consolidated with “Ask the HR,” now answers your HR questions! On June 5th, Attorney Stephanie Adams, writer for the ATL service, will present the webinar Ask the Lawyer: Essential Aspects of Employee Leave.

To recruit and retain a robust workforce, as well as comply with the law, an organization’s employee handbook should serve as a “road map” for what an employee needs to know in the event they are facing a serious personal or family medical issue. This 1.5 hour session will walk attendees through different types of employee leave: vacation, personal time, paid sick leave, paid family leave, FMLA, worker’s compensation and disability, time out due to workplace injury, as well as ADA accommodations for employees experiencing permanent or temporary disability, short-term disability, and long-term disability.

Geared towards employees of libraries and museums that handle HR for their organizations, this will be an interactive session with time built in for Q&A for each subject covered.

Attendees will:

• Gain a broad understanding of how NYS law approaches different aspects of employee leave;

• Learn how NYS law has, in some instances, adapted certain types of employee leave;

• Review types of leave policies to include in an employee handbook;

• Be able to ask questions throughout.

This webinar will be recorded and disseminated to all registrants, regardless of attendance. To receive a certificate of attendance, registrants must attend live and participate.


headshot of Stephanie A. Adams, Esq. (Nickname: Cole) with glasses and shoulder length hair

Stephanie A. Adams, Esq. (Nickname: Cole), is an attorney practicing from her own law firm in Buffalo, NY. Adams chose a career in the law so she could focus her professional life on the law’s impact on creativity and communication. She has also worked as a print and broadcast journalist. Adams’s extensive writing on legal issues facing today’s libraries, including issues impacting the freedom to read, can be seen regularly on the ESLN “Ask the Lawyer” service, hosted by the Western New York Library Resources Council. Adams’s focus on speech-related legal issues started with her final project at her alma mater, Hampshire College in Massachusetts. While completing her B.A., Adams also had an internship at the Northampton-based Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in 1996, an experience she would reprise while working on her J.D. the summer of ’98. She was a page during high school at the New Hartford Town Library, worked in the Hampshire College library transcribing archives, and worked in the library at her law school. Prior to working at the firm she founded in 2017, Adams spent over 10 years serving as an in-house counsel at Niagara University, where her work demanded consideration of not-for-profit, risk management, student, and labor law issues, along with deep respect for academic freedom. Prior to that, (as “Stephanie Cole”) she was a partner in the firm of Bloom, Cole, & Shonn, LLP. For more information on Adams’ experience and current practice, visit the website for The Law Office of Stephanie Adams (LOSA), PLLC.