Please be aware that as part of our continuing storage migration project we’ve be experiencing some unforeseen technical problems with the functionality of the web site.  These are the problems that we are currently aware of:

  • A number of newspaper titles have broken images.  These pages either do not appear or load as “broken image” icons. We’ve identified the impacted titles. We’re restoring those titles from backup and will have this corrected by early next week. 6/21- A majority of these broken images should be fixed. We’ll have rest fixed by Wednesday the 27th. 7/2 – At this moment we have 7 titles that still have broken images. We’re working to restore these and hope to have them back shortly. These titles are:
    • St. Lawrence Republican and Ogdensburgh weekly journal.
    • The Tupper Lake herald and Adirondack mountain press.
    • The Sun and the New York herald.
    • The Sun and New York press.
    • The sun.
    • The evening world.
    • The Staten Island leader.
  • Search term highlighting not appearing on every search result. In search result pages and in full newspaper page views, the search terms are not being highlighted in every instance. We’ve identified the cause and the extent of the issue and are currently working on a solution. 6/21- A solution is currently underway! As the weekend progresses the situation should improve. 7/2 – This issue should be mostly resolved. We’re aware that search highlighting is still not working for the Island Dispatch.  7/9 – This issue is now resolved.  If you discover other titles that lack search highlighting please email the URL of the page to Chuck.
  •  Counties and cities not appearing in search drop-downs. In the main search interface, some counties and cities that previously appeared no longer do. This related to the first issue above.  Any title with broken images, also had related information (county and city) disappear from the search drop-downs. As we restore the newspaper titles, the search drop-down will be restored as well. 6/21- Now that a majority of the titles with broken images are restored, the missing related information should be restored as well. We’ll have rest fixed by Wednesday the 27th. 7/2 – This issue should be mostly resolved. The above listed titles will still not fully appear in search drop-downs.

We understand that these issues are frustrating (for us too!) and we appreciate your patience while we get these problems corrected.  We’ll update this page as we know more about the problems.