“Word is Bond”: Community Care at the Intersections of Black Literacies and Black Radical Traditions

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Date(s) - Dec 6 2023
11:00 am


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Austerity blues got you down? Exhausted from terms like “workplace burnout,” “low morale experience,” and “vocational awe” that map the responsibility of community care onto the individual and away from institutions? If that resonates for you, and you’re looking to bridge the isolation and refill your energy, then this webinar offering is for you–and your community!

Why you will learn from this presenter: 
“The work is not in the job and it is not in the hustle. The mentoring offered by Black culture and Black language can teach us and remind us of these differences.” — Kynard, in ” All I Need Is One Mic”: A Black Feminist Community Meditation on the Work, the Job, and the Hustle (& Why So Many of Yall Confuse This Stuff), 2020.

Webinar Description:

In this webinar, presenter Dr. Carmen Kynard takes inspiration from a common expression in Black Language: WORD IS BOND. Though the expression “word is bond” has certainly been popularized by Old Skool Hip Hop, it did not begin there. The Old and New Testaments both represent the word as holy and unbreakable. Before the Christian Bible, Ancient Kemet treats the word as sacred. The Dogon of Mali further believe in Nommo where the power of the spoken word carries a sustaining energy that generates life, sets one’s destiny, and invokes spiritual power. Because “Word is Bond” is such an important and deeply-historied idea in Black cultural histories going way back to slavery, my presentation grounds Black literacies today in that history. “Word is bond” is more than just being truthful. It is about a specific, culturally-based care and attention to Black literacies and languages that can re-direct who we are and what we do with literacy, learning, and our bodies.

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Presenter Bio:

Carmen Kynard is the Lillian Radford Chair in Rhetoric and Composition and Professor of English at Texas Christian University. She interrogates anti-racism/anti-colonialism, Black feminist pedagogies, AfroDigital/Black cultures & languages, and the racial politics of schooling with an emphasis on composition and literacies studies. Her award-winning book, Vernacular Insurrections: Race, Black Protest, and the New Century in Composition-Literacy Studies makes Black Freedom a 21st century literacies movement. She traces her research and teaching at her website, “Education, Liberation, and Black Radical Traditions” (http://carmenkynard.org) which has garnered over 1.9 million hits since its 2012 inception.