AI & the Adirondacks, Part 1 – AI text w poet Dr. Katy Gero

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Date(s) - Feb 5 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am


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with poet Dr. Katy Gero, and artist Doug Smith.

a 2 part webinar series on how to create AI text + AI images to generate speculative public history

This 2 part series addresses human knowledge and “artificial intelligence” as generative and speculative tools in parsing the contours of our complex cultural heritage. Beginning with the textual speculation of large language models, writing tools for metaphor and syntax; and culminating in the visual speculation of local Adirondack public history, this series is designed to ask you to reframe the interaction of human knowledge and artificial intelligence.

2/5 10am – Poet and computer science scholar Dr. Katy Gero is a human-AI interaction researcher, with a focus on technology for impactful writing and understanding the limits and capabilities of large language models, whose work asks when and why writers turn to computers versus humans for support.

2/21 10am – Artist and programmer Doug Smith reimagines digital art and North Country tall tales using to AI to visualize Adirondack cultural heritage on the instagram account @ADK Legends.

Both events will feature AI practitioners’ detailing their process and workflow in using generative technologies to speculate text or image, as well as time for Q&A to discuss content decisions and implications, application and audience, ethics and representation.