Upcoming Continuing Education Classes

These are webinar and traditional classes offered by the Network and other members of Empire State Library Network. Please see each class description for more information about class location and registration.

Mar 2017

Mar 8 2017 : Webinar: Practical RDA: an introduction

Practical RDA: an introduction is designed for copy catalogers or anyone who does some cataloging work and would like to learn about RDA and how it affects them.

May 2017

May 4 2017 : You Can't Teach Nice: Retail Management Strategies for Enhanced Library Customer Service – Northern New York Library Network Office

This presentation will discuss retail management customer satisfaction strategies from companies such as Starbucks, Disney, and Ritz Carlton, and how to import them to a library environment, with a focus on training and change management, to ensure patron satisfaction and return patronage to your library. The presenter has over 15 years of retail, restaurant, and library management experience.

May 25 2017 : Safety, Security, & Self-Defense for the Workplace – Northern New York Library Network Office

This workshop will focus on safety and security specifically tailored for the unique circumstances of libraries.