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These are webinar and traditional classes offered by the Network and other members of Empire State Library Network. Please see each class description for more information about class location and registration.

Mar 2024

Mar 8 2024 : Loida Garcia-Febo on the Freedom to Read

March 8, 11am est

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This presentation will address real library anxieties of book banning. We will learn from national and international examples from libraries that effectively managed the uncertainty of self and imposed censorship with practical policies. Library workers attending will leave with renewed support and skills to ensure free access to information and freedom of expression of our patrons.

loida garcia-feboLoida Garcia-Febo is a Puerto Rican American librarian and International Library Consultant expert in library services to diverse populations and human rights. President of the American Library Association 2018-2019. Garcia-Febo is worldwide known for her passion about diversity, communities, sustainability, innovation and digital transformation, library workers, library advocacy, wellness, and new librarians about which she has taught in 45 countries. In her job, she helps libraries, companies and organizations strategize programs and services related to these topics and many others. Garcia-Febo is the first Health and Wellness Ambassador for San Jose State University’s School of Information. Garcia-Febo has a Bachelors in Business Education, Masters in Library and Information Sciences. Born, raised, educated in Puerto Rico.

Apr 2024

Apr 2 2024 : Teaching with Hip Hop

with Dr. Lauren Leigh Kelly


This anti racist teaching workshop is a space for culture workers in libraries museums and archives to explore hip hop as a methodology for research and inquiry, as well as inclusive outreach strategy. We’ll be using lyrics and culture to locate geographies and histories, identify low maintenance lesson planning tools that you can use in the classroom, for programming, and collection development.


Presenter Bio: Lauren Leigh Kelly is an Associate Professor in the Urban Social Justice Teacher Education program at Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Education. She is also the Founder of the annual Hip Hop Youth Research and Activism conference. Kelly taught high school English for ten years in New York where she also developed courses in Hip Hop Literature and Culture, Spoken Word poetry, and Theatre Arts. She also taught Hip Hop Literature at Five Towns College in New York; English Composition at Medgar Evers College, The City University of New York; and the Teaching of English at Teachers College, Columbia University. Additionally, Kelly provides professional development for teachers developing Hip Hop pedagogies in K-12 and college teaching across the United States.



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