Thanks for being an avid statistics user! We’ve put a lot of effort into maintaining these statistics and it’s great to know that work hasn’t been in vain!

The short summary: We’re not going to provide statistics for the month of August 2023.

The longer version: As you may know Google sunset Google Analytics 3 (GA3) on July 31st. That means that a new tracking code had to be installed on web sites that provide access to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ahead of that date. We decided not to install this tracking code on the old NYSHN. It was difficult to do the first time nearly 10 years ago and we were not looking forward to it this time. Also, with the migration to the new site happening sometime in August this meant that the potential stats coming from GA4 from the current site and the stats coming from the new site (via a newly installed tracking code) would intermingle. So rather than publish stats that we pretty sure wouldn’t represent either site’s actual usage we’ve decided not to publish anything for August 2023.

We’ll publish stats for September, as usual, that will contain GA4 data on the new website only. Also, if you’re not aware GA3 stats and GA4 stats are not directly comparable. Here’s a pretty technical article that digs into the key differences in the data model. We understand it’s going to be a pain when trying to evaluate performance of your titles. Thanks, Google!

If you have questions or concerns please contact me (  Thanks again for your enthusiasm for statistics on New York State Historic Newspapers!