FANTASTIC presentation from Wednesday, February 22 is viewable online. A lot of truth packed in to those 35 minutes.

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Many of us do the work we do to serve our communities and the people around us. However, thanks to a myriad of forces, extraordinary and mundane, we often find ourselves not fully living into the dream of communal connection and support that first guided us. How do we interrupt this drift and find our way into the communal work of our dreams?

On February 22nd, we’ll begin to explore how to re/connect with our communities in With, Not For, a talk with Cuán McCann of Build With. This talk offers a fresh perspective on community engagement: what it really is and why it’s vital work. Along the way, we’ll identify themes many of us struggle with in our community practice, myth-bust stale notions of engagement that haunt us and get in our way, and highlight simple pathways towards doing differently that set out from where we are today.

It will resonate with the tweet pinned to Cuán’s Twitter profile which reads “How can we ever create systems that enable equity, that share power, if we don’t practice what we preach in the creation of those systems?”