The Communication and Presentations Skills for Professionals webinar recording is up on our YouTube channel!

Here is a link to view the slides from the program.



What does it mean to present in an audience-centered way with “conversational presence”? 

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Allie Rowland will provide real-world communication skills training grounded in empirical research and participant self-reflection. 

We will address managing speaking anxiety, vocal and physical delivery, and facilitating engaging discussions. 

Issues of equity will be foregrounded. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to manage feelings of communication apprehension
  • Recognize various vocal and physical delivery styles.
  • Discover how to lead lively discussions.
    Identify the points at which communication and equity challenges overlap

About the Presenter:

Dr. Allie Rowland (she/they) is Associate Professor of Rhetoric in the Performance & Communication Arts department at St. Lawrence University. She also directs the Maurer Rhetoric & Communication Program, a speaking-across-the-curriculum initiative. She lives in Canton with her partner and two kids and avidly consumes contemporary literary fiction.