DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Employees in this class have had prior training or experience in performing library clerical operations or knowledge of them. Persons in this class work under supervision when beginning new procedures. However, once the procedure has been adopted; employees in this class can proceed with little or no additional supervision. Persons in this class may be required to assist in performance of duties listed in subordinate classes. Employees in this class may also be required to train and supervise one or more clerical employees who have no prior experience or training in library clerical routines. Incumbent does related work as required.


ACQUISITION OF MATERIAL: Checks lists with catalog; Searches for simple bibliographical data; Checks order cards with holding and outstanding
orders; Check invoices; Enters accession information; Maintains check lists of serials.

REGISTRATION AND CIRCULATION: Reserves library materials for readers; Maintains inter-library loan records; Registers borrowers; Explains lending rules; Compiles data for statistical reports.

CATALOGING AND CLASSIFICATION: Orders Library of Congress cards; Maintains the shelf lists; Lists added copies and new editions; Records withdrawals and reinstatements; Records transfers; Makes cards for added entries.

PHYSICAL UPKEEP OF MATERIAL: Treats for preservation; Prepares material for binding; Keeps bindery records.

CARE OF SHELVES AND FILES: Revises shelving and filing.

FULL PERFORMANCE, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES, AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Good knowledge of office terminology procedures and equipment as applied to library clerical work; ability to operate a typewriter; ability to understand and carry out directions; ability to supervise to work of others; accuracy; industry; mental and physical alertness; neatness; tact; willingness to follow a prescribed routine; ability to get along well with others; aptitude for library work interest in library work; good physical condition.


Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma E either:
A) One (1) year of library clerical experience; or
B) Two (2) years of general clerical experience.

For more information visit: http://www.nccc.edu/careers-2/