NNYLN Technology Improvement and Digitization Grants

The NNYLN is again offering its member organizations two grant opportunities: NNYLN Technology Service Innovation Grants and NNYLN Digitization Grants.

The purpose of these grant programs is to assist members of the Northern New York Library Network in using technology to:
– enhance user services through innovative thinking or new solutions.
– digitize research resources and make them available on the internet.
– demonstrate best practices that can be emulated by other organizations.

  1. Grant funds are to be used for demonstrable improvements in library services through the use of technology.
  2. Projects that introduce innovative thinking or new solutions are particularly encouraged and will be given funding priority.
  3. The minimum grant amount is $2,000; maximum is $10,000.
  4. Grant funds for the digitization of research resources are specifically encouraged.
  5. All projects must be sustainable: proposals must demonstrate the ability and commitment by the applicant to continue funded projects beyond the grant period.
  6. Grant funds may not be used to pay for the normal operations of the library or replace current staff salaries with grant funds. No grant funds may be used for the retrospective conversion of library materials or continuation of library programs currently in place.  Equipment upgrades are considered library programs currently in place and are not eligible for funding.  Member organizations may submit only one grant, be it Technology Improvement or Digitization.
  7. This is a competitive grant program that will use outside readers.
  8. The timeframe for projects funded by this grant is October 1, 2017-June 15, 2018
  9. Mid-year and final reports are required, as well as a presentation of project outcomes at the annual NNYLN Fall Meeting.
  10. Applications must be received by August 18, 2017; they are to be emailed to meg@nnyln.org
  11. Applications forms for Technology Service Improvement Grants can be found here, and application forms for Digitization Grants can be found here.