Application for Membership in the Northern New York Library Network


Name of Organization ________________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________________


City ____________________________________ State _______ Zip _____________


Telephone (voice) ___________________________ Fax ___________________________________


Web site: ___________________________________________________________________________


Name of Chief Administrator: _________________________________________________________


Email address _______________________________________Phone __________________________


Type of Organization (check one):

  • _____ College or University Library
  • _____ Public Library
  • _____ Museum
  • _____ Historical Society
  • _____ School
  • _____ Medical
  • Other _________________________________________________________


Is the organization chartered by the New York State Board of Regents? _____ yes _____ no


Is the organization a part of a larger organization? If so, please identify organization and its relationship to the applicant:






Information Concerning the Nature of Library Service

Number of monographic volumes held: __________
Number of serials titles received: __________
Operating budget for most recently completed fiscal year: __________
Materials budget for most recently completed fiscal year: __________


  • Number of professional staff _____
  • Number of non-professional staff _____
  • Does the Chief Administrator hold an MLS degree? _____ yes _____ no


  • Number of hours library is open weekly: _____
  • Is library open to the public? _____ yes _____ no

Special Collections:

  • Number of items: _____
    Please briefly describe Special Collections:______________________________________________________________________________________ 





Education Commissioner Regulation 90.5 requires that each reference and research library resources system shall demonstrate how any new member will improve library resources presently available to the research community in the area of the system, and/or bring improved reference and research services to the users of such new member. Please briefly address this requirement (for example, through participation in resource sharing, digitization of special collections, shared expertise in training, etc.):










Dues: Full Voting Membership

Dues are based on type of membership which is determined by Network by-laws in accordance with regulations of the Education Commissioner of the State of New York. Current dues are:

  • Organizations that award Graduate degrees: $225.00
  • Organizations that award Undergraduate degrees: $187.50
  • Library Systems: $112.50
  • For-Profit Institutions: $150.00
  • All Others: $52.50


On behalf of the ____________________________________________________________________, I hereby apply for membership in the Northern New York Library Network. I agree to adhere to the bylaws and practices of the organization, and share resources within the region at no charge.

Print Name _________________________________________________________________


Signature __________________________________________________________________


Title ________________________________________________________________________


Date _________________________________________

Please return this application to:
Meg Backus, Executive Director
Northern New York Library Network
6721 US HWY 11
Potsdam, NY 13676